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Repost, but please don't hotlink, reupload or it'll break - existentialists [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Repost, but please don't hotlink, reupload or it'll break [Apr. 30th, 2006|03:40 pm]



Repost this!!!!

I'd like everyone to participate, as a social experiment. See how you feel after just ONE week, beginning this Wednesday.

Isn't there something wrong with the world when we wonder what's happening to fictional characters throughout the week? Isn't it wrong when a Sunday night cartoon on Fox is important in our life? Isn't it wrong when there are so many experiences to be had, but we just can't be bothered with real life because we're sitting zoned out in front of the tube? Isn't it wrong when we're away from our techno-universe and we begin to panic? The next generation won't even know the joy of building mud pies and creating cities of legos or playing telephone with a papercup and a string if we don't do something about it NOW. We let things slide, we procrastinate, we just sit there zombified in front of this little box, watching the little world within, while the real world and our real lives go ignored. TURN IT OFF FOR JUST ONE WEEK! And pass this on to your friends and definitely to your children! Get your coworkers and your classmates involved as well!!!

Go swimming, go camping, have lunch with an old friend or write a letter to your grandmother. Just LIVE and stop procrastinating, and remember the scent of flowers and what it's like to feel your toes in the summer lawn.

[User Picture]From: sogoodornogood
2006-04-30 09:44 pm (UTC)
uh yeah. too bad i dont watch tv, ever. neither do most of my friends.
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[User Picture]From: velvetechos
2006-04-30 09:45 pm (UTC)
Same here. But that's not "too bad". That's a good thing. It's still a good message to spread to coworkers and family.
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[User Picture]From: jeffreyatw
2006-04-30 09:46 pm (UTC)
Wouldn't this apply to computers as well?
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[User Picture]From: velvetechos
2006-04-30 09:52 pm (UTC)
I would think so, although a lot people have gotten to the point where a computer is necessary for their job. Television is purely for "entertainment" purposes, and an easier cut to make. Computers are also a good way for relaying information and creating some good ( as long as not soley relied on or used in excess ), there is still some free communication there, whereas television networks are almost soley bought out by larger corporations and while in US is supposed to be have fairly free range for people to buy out advertising spots and air their thoughts ( if they have the money in their pockets ) it usually does not go that way. If someone wants to air an advertisement opposing something such as Chevron gas company, the networks wouldn't dare, because Chevron (as an example) might pull out any possible funding they are giving the network. It's which is the worse of two evils, but I'd focus at television first.
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[User Picture]From: thesleepyvegan
2006-04-30 09:51 pm (UTC)
lol. i haven't watched TV since September. My life is much better and fuller.
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[User Picture]From: strawcat
2006-04-30 10:56 pm (UTC)
yeah, since you have the internets
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[User Picture]From: gnosis
2006-04-30 09:54 pm (UTC)
I think some TV can be as good as a book. Sure there's lots of absolute shite on TV but there are some gems. I'm tired of seeing some TV dissed ahead of books. There are hundreds of terrible books out there, too.
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[User Picture]From: velvetechos
2006-04-30 10:00 pm (UTC)
To me the difference between the two is that a lot of people will sit zoned out in front of the television, watching things they don't even want to watch, their minds being filled with advertisements, and their moods and point of view altered as they intake little subliminal things without even realising. How many people will read a book they aren't interested in (unless it is for school or work)? How many people will watch a show they do not like, or think is only mediocre, when they could be off doing better?
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From: tetsugakushya
2006-04-30 10:00 pm (UTC)
What about the History channel and the discovery channel? Pretty much the only 2 networks i pay any attention to.
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[User Picture]From: jeffreyatw
2006-04-30 10:08 pm (UTC)
I think what the point is is that people should stop being anti-social and shut-in and go and do things with their lives. Be productive.

It's a pretty simplistic viewpoint but it's something nice to try.
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From: miserablism
2006-04-30 10:07 pm (UTC)
Distractions are distractions, period.
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[User Picture]From: coru_rhaw
2006-04-30 10:51 pm (UTC)
I own just a small tv, but don't have cable. I never use the tv for anybut but to watch movies now and then. But my computer monitor is about the same size as my tv and has a better sound system, so now I use the computer to watch movies instead. I haven't turned on my tv in months. The only thing I miss about tv is that I was much more up-to-date with current events. I suppose I should just read news on the web more often.
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From: tetsugakushya
2006-04-30 10:54 pm (UTC)
or pick up a newspaper
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[User Picture]From: miggity12
2006-04-30 11:19 pm (UTC)
I think it isn't such a bad idea. Those of you here chiming in that you don't and haven't watched tv in a while seem to think it is a good thing, yes? How is your life different? I note other people are hedging and trying to justify small amounts of tv or certain shows. Again, I think it is an interesting social experiment. I personally don't watch that much either, but I wonder what I would do if tv was just not an option.
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[User Picture]From: jeffreyatw
2006-04-30 11:33 pm (UTC)
I haven't watched TV or a TV show regularly since 2001... how is my life different? I guess it's different because I can spend more time on the Internet looking at silly video clips.
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[User Picture]From: apophantic
2006-05-01 01:38 am (UTC)
"stop the procrastination"

those words are foreign to me...i just...don't comprehend! lol i'm sorry this sound like a great idea for some mental clarity, but procrastination = breathing for me, i'm a college student
this is depressing...and i'm just proving you right :)
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[User Picture]From: randimus
2006-05-02 09:58 pm (UTC)


I agree and appreciate the sentiments. I must repost post haste. But still....why not choose a lamer show than the simpsons/family guy/ (choose one) ?
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From: nolovipper
2006-11-02 08:43 am (UTC)
How is life anymore real than something on television? Who is to say something is "worthy" of time and something is not? Is there a set value that makes one action greater than another?
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[User Picture]From: hfx_ben
2007-04-04 06:30 am (UTC)

Deff will repost this ...

... perhaps revitalize this community.

Just now I got this post in my side-bar while I was watching folk globally tweeting and twittering. LJ is singing bird songs!

This to let you know: I've rigged "hfx_ben" to tweet updates from this community into TwitterWorld. (I'm there personally as bentrem so I don't flood anything.)
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[User Picture]From: iaaphoto
2008-02-01 04:20 pm (UTC)
is this community dead? I tried to post.
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[User Picture]From: dazelnut
2008-09-20 10:49 am (UTC)
Looks pretty dead to me :).
I don't watch TV so it makes little difference to me. However by not watchin TV I do find myself excluded from certain aspects of community; hence if that is what you wish to revitalise, there is an extent to which the method is anti.

Is it wrong ?? who could tell? By what measure??

This is a nice segway to a question I have. We should be passionate about life and put in our all, afterall, it is only through these thoughts and actions that we really 'exist', I suggest. To what extent then can this outlook include morality. Should we be passionate about doing 'good'? What is, what is, what is?
Sorry if I mis-interpret Camus' absurd hero. But this is something I have ne'er learnt.

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[User Picture]From: followthecops
2009-05-23 04:53 am (UTC)
this is so gay
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From: fakeplastic03
2009-07-22 11:10 pm (UTC)
Can someone clarify this for me?
Does this include the internet?

I don't *need* the internet but it would be difficult
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